Working Paper Series

GlobalFaultlines periodically publishes working papers that highlight the findings of recent research in our area of interest.

We invite researchers, policymakers and practitioners to submit their research for this series. All submissions will be subject to a peer-review process.

Papers accepted as part of the GlobalFaultlines Working Paper Series will be published on the Journal of GlobalFaultlines’ website. All papers should be original, previously unpublished contributions. Authors maintain the copyright of their work and are welcome to re-publish papers used in this series elsewhere, so long as reference is made to their prior publication in the GlobalFaultlines Working Paper Series.

There is no set word limit, although we would encourage prospective contributors to aim for a length of 3,000 and 5,000 words in length. They must be written in British English and submitted in Microsoft Word format. To submit a draft or for further information please contact the editor Bulent Gokay @

For more information, visit the Journal of GlobalFaultlines website:

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