Volume 3, Issue 1, Jan-May 2016

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Journal of Global Faultlines
ISSN: 2054-2089 (Print) 2397-7825 (Online)
Volume 3, Issue 1


Binoy Kampmark | Radical Transparency in Geopolitical Economy: WikiLeaks, Secret Diplomacy and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement |1-15.

Mwenda Kailemia | International Justice in the time of ‘outsourced illiberalism’: Africa and the International Criminal Court | 16-28.

Samuel Campbell and Afshin Akhtarkhavari | Gaps and the Nature of Change in Global Governance | 29-35.

Norbert O. Ross and Ahmad Mohammadpur | Islamic State as a Modern Phenomenon | 36-49.

Ilia Xypolia | The rocky road ahead to peace: the Arab Uprisings and the conflict in Libya | 50-55.

Vera Lomazzi | Middle East Refugee Response and Gender Equality Challenges |56-64.

Sarah Hynek | Human Rights in Egypt: five years after the revolution’| 65-69.

Viola Sarnelli | Algeria and Jordan after the Arab Uprisings: resilience or transformation? |70-76.

Saerom Han | The Effect of Anti-Terrorism and Social Movements in Egypt| 77-82.

Book Reviews:
Stephen Coleman, Dave Featherstone, John Fisher, Ilia Xypolia | Book Reviews | 83-89.