Book Review Guidelines

Journal of Global Faultlines (ISSN: 2054-2089)

Book Review Guidelines

1. The review should be sent electronically as an email attachment to the Book Reviews Editor at:

2. The word limit for standard book reviews is 1,000 words.

3. Reviews should offer both a concise summary of the content of the book illustrating its central argument and its methodology and a critical assessment of its content. In your review please do make sure to situate the work in the broader debates within the relevant field; to evaluate the argument that is putting forward delineating possible limitations and omissions; and to identify the readership which might find it of value. You should write the review clearly and succinctly.

4. At the head of your review give a full bibliographical description of the book under review, e.g.:
Fouskas Vassilis and Gokay Bulent, The Fall of the US Empire: Global Fault-Lines and the Shifting Imperial Order. London: Pluto Press 2012, 216 pp. £16.00 (pbk).

5. Your Name and affiliation should be given in italics at the end of the review.

6. All references should be incorporated into the text of the review, e.g. ‘According to Hobson, Eurocentric view is incorrect as it omits the fact that West and East have been interlinked since 500CE through globalisation’ (Hobson, The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization, 2004: 2)

7. All book reviews undergo an editorial screening. The Book Reviews Editor reserves the right to make minor editorial changes without consulting the reviewer. The Journal of GlobalFaultlines reserves the right not to accept book reviews that are not presented in the house style.

8. The Journal of GlobalFaultlines expects that in event of not being able to complete the review the book be returned to the Journal so that it can be sent out to another reviewer.


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