The Spectre of Migration: Migration, Racism and Class Struggle in Post-Brexit Britain | Mark Bergfeld

Emar Seminar Series – 9

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“A spectre haunts the world and it is the spectre of migration.”
These words of A.Negri ring truer than ever in post-Brexit Britain.
Immigrants are either brandished criminals, victims, or treated as bargaining chips in negotiations.  To understand contemporary capitalism, one needs to understand “the spectre of migration”. Mark Bergfeld will present his on-going research on “the spectre of migration”: What does British capital want and need? How can we understand the Labour Party and trade unions’ position toward migrant workers?  How do migrant workers build power?
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Mark Bergfeld is a PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London, researching im/migrant worker self-organisation, trade unions and the management of migration. He has been active in social movements and trade union campaigns in Germany and Britain. His writings have featured on Al-Jazeera English, Jacobin, New Statesman, Global Labour Journal. He tweets @mdbergfeld

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Friday, 31 March 2017
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Meeting Room 3,
Finsbury Park Trust FinSpace
225-229 Seven Sisters Rd,
Finsbury Park, London,
N4 2DA


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