Beware more military intervention

(Independent, 12th February 2016)


You make a compelling point urging the US to seriously consider the offer of ground troops from its allies in the region, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and perhaps Turkey too (editorial, 10 February).

You refer to “moderates”, pro-West rebel groups fighting against the Syrian regime. As explained many times in the pages of this newspaper, with strong evidence by Robert Fisk, so-called moderate rebels such as the Free Syrian Army are more or less a fiction, with little existence outside the imagination of the US State Department.

You worry that the Russians are bombing the “moderates” in Syria, those “moderates” who even the State Department admitted several months ago no longer existed. We have to concede that our “allies” in Syria are not moderates, but have clear links to al-Qaeda, and in their methods and beliefs are no different to Isis.

Calls for intervention are growing, parallel to the calls to halt desperate refugees from Syria arriving on our doorstep. But please remember, we’ve been here before. The results of two decades of military interference in the Middle East by our governments, right in front of our eyes, are the very reason for today’s desperate situation. More military intervention will only increase the chaos and misery of the peoples of the Middle East.

You may ask how much worse things could get. Well, there are more countries to collapse and turn into hell.

Professor Bulent Gokay

Keele, Staffordshire

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