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We are from a number of other South-East European countries or from Europe and other parts of the world, who have an interest, intellectual or otherwise, in South-East Europe and the Near East. We wish to express our solidarity to the people of Greece and her Syriza-led government. We are workers, public intellectuals, academics and artists.

We support Greece’s principled stand against the blackmail and diktats of the European financial institutions, a stand that is an inspiration for the people of South-East Europe, and indeed of all Europeans. Greece has exposed the rotten core of European banking capital to the light of democracy. The fighting for the dignity of the people of Greece is our fighting. South-East Europe cannot and will not be divided: we are all united against the prevailing model of European “integration”, that of low (or no) wages, cuts and austerity. This model creates surpluses in the centre and debts in the periphery. We envisage a Europe of peace, democracy, justice and social solidarity. Greece was the first to pose those issues at the heart of Europe.

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We are well aware Greece’s struggle a struggle which is of momentous importance for all the people of the region and Europe. This struggle is our struggle and we stand by Greece and the Greek people as they prepare for the referendum and as they face the outcome.

Together we say no to the creditor institutions and the blackmail and we wish Syriza and the people of Greece a great victory.

In Solidarity,

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