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Greece’s Fight Against European Austerity | TARIQ ALI

(Counterpunch, Weekend Edition January 23-25, 2015) The Implications of SYRIZA and the Greek Elections   Tariq Ali was interviewed by Kostas Vlahopoulos and Thomas Giourgas for http://www.nostimonimar.gr. 1. For the first time in Greek political history, a radical left party, SYRIZA, … Continue reading

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Memo to Jane Fonda: Will You Please Stop Apologizing? | HOWARD LISNOFF

(Counterpunch, Weekend Edition January 23-25, 2015) Speaking Out Against an Illegal War was the True “Noble Cause”   On January 16, 2015, Jane Fonda spoke before a group in Frederick, Maryland at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. A spokesperson … Continue reading

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