Turkey: Redhack Maliye Bakanlığı eylemini Erdal Eren’in anısına yaptığını açıkladı (Erdal Eren, aged 17, was hanged by the Turkish military regime in December 1980)

In 1980, the Turkish military junta launched yet another coup and established a martial law headed by General Kenan Evren.  Many trade union and student activists were imprisoned during this period, tens of thousands were illegally detained and tortured. All political parties, trade unions and student unions and all political activity were declared illegal. Yet there were those the regime could not silence.  Erdal was one of those people. He was a member of the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Association, an a radical youth organisation which had its origin in the organisations founded by 1960s youth leader Deniz Gezmiş, himself sentanced to death and executed by the previous military junta in 1972.

When the coup happened, Erdal was one of those who tried to resist but was subsequently captured and put on trail. Despite the fact he was a minor, the judge passed a death sentence for this 17 year old revolutionary activist.

Following the passing of the sentence, Erdal publicly stated to the judge that only the people of Turkey can pass the last sentence. This defiance, in the face of a regime which executed 49 other people in 1980 served to galvanize those who continued to struggle in underground conditions against the junta.

In his last letter to his family Erdal said:   ”My hatred has increased a thousand times more and the fight fueled my determination. They failed to destroy my belief in the masses and the revolution. Fight until the end, this is the best way to struggle and I do not have any other purpose than to rise.”

Erdal’s death has been immortalized in songs by Turkish pop and rock stars such as Sezen Aksu, Teoman and Mör Ve Ötesi. His lasting inspiration has resulted in students changing the name of schools in his name time and time again throughout Turkey

The Turkish hacker group Redhack announced via Twitter that it had hacked the website of the Turkish Ministry of Finance for the anniversary of Erdal Eren’s execution by the 1980 military regime.

Dün Maliye Bakanlığı’nın sitesini hacleyen Redhack, bugün yaptığı açıklamayla eylemi Erdal Eren anısına gerçekleştirdiğini duyurdu.

Maliye Bakanlığı’nın sitesini hackleyerek kamu emekçilerinin maaşına zam yapan ve ardından eylemlerinin videosunu internet üzerinen yayınlayan Redhack, bugün yaptığı açıklamayla eylemin Erdal Eren’e adandığını duyurdu.

İşte Redhack’in açıklaması:


(compiled by BG, based on the news info from http://haber.sol.org.tr/devlet-ve-siyaset/redhack-maliye-bakanligi-eylemini-erdal-erenin-anisina-yaptigini-acikladi-haberi and http://www.medyatime.com/redhack-maliye-bakanligi-eylemini-erdal-erenin-anisina-yaptigini-acikladi.html)

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