Comment on “Turkey’s Gezi Park episode is far from over” (Burak Kadercan)

(Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution,by David Harvey, Verso, 2012)

My comment on “Turkey’s Gezi Park episode is far from over” (Burak Kadercan) @ OpenDemocracy:

Of course it is far from over, but not because the Erdogan government “missed” an opportunity, but because the conflict had much deeper and structural roots than just “missing” a democratic spring. At the root of this conflict lies what David Harvey calls as “the urbanization of capital”. By this he refers to the reproduction of capital which passes through many different ways and processes of urbanization. All this requires the dominant capitalist class to dominate the whole urban process. According to Harvey, this implies to establish domination not only over the state apparatus, but also over whole populations — their lifestyles, their labour power, their cultural and political values as well as their mental conceptions of the world. This analysis of Harvey, on urbanization of capital, which was in his 2012 book, Rebel Cities, explains the roots of the coflict in Istanbul Gezi probably better than anything else written so far.

Bulent Gokay,

12 August 2012, Keele


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