Comment on “How do Turkish citizens participate in decision-making?” (OpenDemocracy)

What the EU can do, to strengthen democratisation attempts in Turkey …” What an unfortunate statement, which reminded me the position of James Mill, great British philosopher and historian of the 19th century about India: Mill wrote a giant, five-volume history of India simply to demonstrate how deficient the Indians are in governance, science, philosophy, art and technology. Or our contemporary, Prof Niall Ferguson’s similar words: “Without the spread of British rule around the world”, colonized people such as Chinese and Indians, would not have parliamentary democracy, and individual freedoms. On the basis of such explicitly Eurocentric views, Ferguson now proposes “Anglobalisation” of the world. I hope this is not what you have in mind Semanur when asking the EU to strengthen democracy in Turkey!
Bulent Gokay, Keele University

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