Twentieth Century Communism Issue 5: Local Communisms — Out now




Twentieth Century Communism Issue 5: Local Communisms
Out now

In this issue contributors explore the twentieth-century history of communism with regard to the possibilities and limitations of local communisms.

Free articles 
Introduction: Local communisms within a global movement
Norman LaPorte
Comparing local communisms
Andreas Wirsching
Bastions, black spots and other variations: in and beyond the specificities of the Little Moscow
Kevin Morgan

Also in this issue
Disputed memory: the Munich Council Republic and the KPD’s politics of history
Sebastian Zehetmair
Communists and French railway workers, 1920-1934: the Parisian Leadership of the Cheminots Unitaires 
Thomas Beaumont
‘Not completely Communist’: regionalism and the Spanish Communist Party, 1920-1941
Tim Rees
Canadian Communists and the politics of nature in British Columbia, 1937-1956
Eryk Martin
Communists and Muslims: the years of alliance
Ben Fowkes and Bülent Gökay
Sovietisation in Uzbekistan 1980-1991: success or failure?
Sevket Akyildiz and Richard Carlson
‘Little Moscows’ revisited. What we can learn from French and German cases
Ad Knotter
Scottish Communism 1962-91: from re-growth to extinction – a view from the inside
Willie Thompson

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Changes to Twentieth Century Communism
From 2014 Twentieth Century Communism will be published twice yearly, in January and June. The journal continues to attract a wide range of high-quality contributions, and pressure of space has meant that some articles have had to be held over from the present issue. Moving to twice-yearly publications will allow us to accommodate a wider range of material.

From January, new subscriptions prices will be £30 for personal subscriptions and £145 for institutional subscriptions.

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