Why Bilderberg Matters, by Phil Morgan

You don’t need to have a conspiracy once you have set the rules.

  1. Transparency and accountability

Transparency is vital to the effective functioning of democracy and as citizens we should be entitled to information about the activities of our political leaders and the agendas being advanced in our names. Bilderberg was deliberately created as a means of bypassing traditional forms of accountability and transparency provided by press and Parliamentary scrutiny1.

  1. Lobbying and corruption

The first Bilderberg chairman, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, was forced to resign the chair after receiving bribes from the arms industry2. We have seen just this week the pervasiveness of lobbying and its negative impact on our political system3. Bilderberg provides the perfect venue for the perpetuation of lobbying and corruption and is regularly host to shady and nefarious characters such as Henry Kissinger4.

… (for the full article see http://philmorgan.co/)

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