Greek national broadcaster – immediate shut down under no parliamentary approval

Today the Greek government issued a law which was approved under no parliamentary approval to shut down the Greek national broadcaster and re-open it with less employees and regional stations. The coalition parties immediately reacted saying that they will not sign the deal in the cabinet. The ERT employees held an emergency meeting deciding to take over the broadcaster therfore not stopping the live transmission of the TV and radio programs, a decision hailed by the ERT CEO Mr Trimis.

With the excuse of transparency in money and logistics, the government spokeprson in summary informed the public that as of tonight the signal of ERT will be shut down!
The employees of ERT refuse to shut down the national broadcaster and announce they will secure the live signal of ERT. They organize a special concert-protest outside the ERT hedquarters inviting all Athenians, all Greeks to join them.
ERT is having 2,900 employees and the discussions the past few weeks had two options: either to close the broadcaster for some months and re open it with 1,000 employees only or send away immediaitely massively 1,900 employees with the broadcaster still on. There is alwo big question about the TV tax paid to the broadcaster which was not actually given to the broadcaster since 2011 while it is considered one of the most expensive taxes in Europe for national broadcaster. ERT is a profitable public broadcaster since 2010.
Pls express your solidarity

An Appeal from Greek citizens based in London, UK.

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