Venezuela in images

International Solidarity With Venezuela

Solidarity action on April 19 in Sydney, Australia. (Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network)

From Sydney to Rome, Ottawa to Lima, solidarity actions have taken place in support of Venezuela’s democracy, and the election of Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelans vote peacefully in presidential elections

Voting at a booth in Merida (Tamara Pearson /

Voters were queuing from 5.30 am in polling booths around Venezuela, and until now voting has been peaceful and without trouble , though there have been some minor accusations of pro-government campaigning in Caracas.

Venezuela Rallies For Maduro

(Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

On 2 April election campaigning formally began, and on 3 April Nicolas Maduro visited Merida state. Crowds filled the central city bridge, equalling crowd sizes when Hugo Chavez spoke in Merida in September in the lead-up to last year’s elections.

Chavismo on the Streets

"Long live united Latin America"

Weeks after his passing, Chavez remains present on every street corner. Not just his face, but his message is encapsulated by street art peppering Merida’s public places. Murals celebrate freedom and unity, while speaking out against imperialism and exploitation. Merida’s street art are daily reminders of the ongoing revolution.



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